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Welcome to Specseasy, here you can browse our great selection of prescription glasses, designer glasses frames and lenses online. We have plenty to choose from. So, you can purchase your specs online at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. We have a great selection of specs for both men and women, with all our ranges tailored to suit every glasses wearer’s individual tastes. Please see below for our full list of products.


Unlike the big-name brands, each of our prescription glasses can be fitted with thin lenses, as standard and for no extra charge! So, you can find the perfect pair of designer glasses frames and fit them with your ideal lenses. Not to mention, we at Specseasy pride ourselves on being one of the only companies in the UK to offer our customers UK manufactured lenses. These lenses are sourced through our partnership with leading optical laboratory; Lenstec Optical Group.


Found the perfect pair of specs online but worried they will run out of stock? No problem, Specseasy always has a wide, continuous range of stylish glasses collections, so even if you happen to misplace your favourite pair of prescription glasses, we can find you a perfect replacement of specs. Occasionally, customers find that after purchasing a pair of specs online, they arrive and don’t suit their face, or they aren’t sure on their colour choice. This is why Specseasy always offers a no fuss, money back guarantee on all of our glasses! Check out our company reviews below to see how our recent customers felt about their new pair of specs which they purchased online.


Look no further than Specseasy for your next purchase of specs online! Our UK based company offers quick delivery, 30 day free returns and a 12 month guarantee on all products. For more enquiries, you can contact us here and make the change to buy specs online.


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From £49.95
including prescription lenses

4U Eyewear

4U Eyewear is an affordable glasses brand which offers fantastic colours and styles to suit everyone, without compromising on finish. The 4U Eyewear specs brand is synonymous with classic designs but sturdy craftmanship and fashionable styles. For a reliable pair of prescription glasses which will still look amazing, shop the 4U eyewear range today. Specseasy will also fit all of our prescription glasses with UK manufactured lenses, as standard. So what are you waiting for? Order some specs online and get them sent directly to your door!

From £59.95
including prescription lenses

Colour Collection Glasses

Our Colour Collection glasses are perfect for those who prefer their specs with a pop of colour. Each pair of Colour Collection glasses has a high-end finish and ideal for standing out from the crowd. Choose from bold glasses designs which are fitted with UK manufactured lenses, as standard. Get a fantastic, reliable pair of specs online and then sent direct to your door! Shop the Colour Collection glasses range online today.

From £109.95
including prescription lenses

Gianfranco Ferre Glasses

Gianfranco Ferre glasses are handmade and designed by the fashion icon himself. Each pair of Gianfranco Ferre frames embodies Italian fashion trends and a classic, timeless design. This designer’s fashion career spanned 25 years and his high-quality brand can be purchased today through our website.

Gianfranco Ferre was also known as ‘the architect of fashion’ for his background and original attitude toward creating fashion design. The specs on offer are handmade optical frames, designed for the high fashion conscious individual. So, do you ‘dare to be different’? Each of our Gianfranco Ferre prescription glasses will also be fit with UK manufactured lenses, as standard. Shop the Gianfranco Ferre glasses range online today.

From £89.95
including prescription lenses

Modello Eyewear

Modello Eyewear is another high quality, Italian brand. With striking designs for both men and women, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of specs to suit your style. Choose any frames from this high quality collection, which also incorporates stunning colours, and we can fit our UK manufactured lenses as standard. Get some specs online and then sent direct to your door for a reasonable price which won't compromise on quality! For quirky, bold designs with a luxury finish, shop the Modello Eyewear range online today.

From £99.95
including prescription lenses

Revlon Glasses

Revlon is a big name in today’s society. Now branching out into eyewear, the Revlon brand has some stylish glasses which are sure to catch your attention. Revlon was founded in 1932 by brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman. They initially introduced a revolutionary nail polish, then went onto iconic makeup collections, face creams and beauty products.

The Revlon specs range follows the similar high fashion and ‘simply elegant’ style that is synonymous with Revlon. You know Revlon does fantastic makeup, so why not try their beautiful eyewear as well? Choose from a selection of timeless Revlon glasses below. Each pair of Revlon's prescription glasses will also be fit with UK manufactured lenses, as standard.

From £99.95
including prescription lenses

Titanium Eyewear

Titanium eyewear is a fantastic option for glasses wearers who suffer from metal allergies. The resilient yet lightweight frames help to avoid irritation and sit comfortably on your face all day. Titanium eyewear is also reasonably priced, so you won’t have to risk paying any extra to find a pair of high quality specs online.

Our Titanium Eyewear range is made from pure titanium frames meaning they are nickel free, extraordinarily light weight and very strong. Titanium glasses frames are also completely hypoallergenic so ideal for those with metal allergies. All of our Titanium glasses frames also come with a silicon bridge and UK manufactured lenses, as standard.

What our customers say

At Specseasy we value your feedback.

The glasses i have just got from SpecsEasy are in my opinion the best for lenses, a great fit and at a fantastic price. I will 100% buy again!

Christopher N

Great glasses and value. They arrived quickly and I’m very pleased with them. My partner has also just ordered a pair for herself now.

Emma P

I have had the smoothest experience with SpecsEasy. Nothing was too much trouble and it was cheaper than the opticians! Overall excellent!

Richard C

Just purchased 2 pairs of glasses as the cost is very reasonable. They arrived in a short space of time I will be using them again for sure.

Susan B

Verified review
What a Speedy Delivery! Just received my amzing specs pair & delighted to see the QUALITY of spectacles for such an affordable price. I am very happy with my order.
Verified review
I am really happy with the customer support and service. I Order Two sungalsses and both are very good. And service is Also good. Thank you for your support and good service
Verified review
Really impressed with my order. Ordered 1 pair of glasses with lenses. Customer Support is very good and guided me while I am confused about 2 glasses. The way of product description is easy for customers like me to choose products which we want. The arrival product is very satisfying. Thanks a lot for your services.
Erin Stephenson
Erin Stephenson
Verified review
I am very happy with the service of specseasy. One of the unique collections of glasses are available. Great experience to buying here. Thanks a lot, specs easy.
Michael Ben
Michael Ben
Verified review
I Love Specseasy. Awesome service and good customer service. Thank you!