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How does a glasses prescription work?

When you have an eye test you will be given a prescription by your optician. The prescription is made up of 3 parts. A Sphere (Sph), a Cyclinder (Cyl) and an Axis (Axis). Where reading glasses are needed there may also be a reading addition (Add).

It might look something like this:

Sometimes the reading add is incorporated into the sphere part of the prescription and is written out in full and will look something like this:

Sometimes your prescription will only consist of a Sphere, so you only need to put this in on the prescription page. (Sometimes the optician writes DS in the cyl box, this just means that there is only a value for sphere)


Your prescription will be in a Plus + or a minus – sphere and the cylinder can also be in a plus or a minus. It’s very important that you put the correct symbol in the correct box. Don’t worry, as if we see anything that looks irregular we will contact you prior to making your glasses.

I don't know how to enter my prescription online can I send it to you?

Yes you can upload it or type in your prescription our forms are identical to the one you received from your optican, or you can skip this section on the order and send an email with your prescription.

What glasses do I require?

Distance glasses – These are used for television, driving and walking around.

Reading glasses – These are used for close up work i.e. reading, computers and looking at photographs.

If you require reading glasses then you may have an add on your prescription. Seen on the second row, this may be incorporated or written separately, please see the diagrams above.

Intermediate glasses – these are generally used for computer work.

If you require intermediate glasses then you have more than one add on your prescription. Seen on the second row in the diagram below, it usually will say “Add +… (INT…)” this is your intermediate add. All you have to do is enter the intermediate add into the prescription page.


What is a PD?

A PD is a pupillary distance. It is the measurement between your pupils. This measurement allows us to set your glasses so that the lens is at the centre of your pupil giving you the best vision possible. You can get this measurement from your optician but it is not generally put on your prescription so you may have to ask for it. Alternatively you could do your own measurement, we can post you a PD rule for this purpose. PDs are done in millimetres.

An accurate PD is very important. Ideally this should be measured by an Optician. If you cannot obtain this then we will estimate it for lower prescriptions.

I have a high prescription, do you have my lenses?

We can supply any prescription but there may be a charge if your prescription is outside standard parameters, usually 6 SPH or 4 CYL. For higher prescripions will we need an accurate PD, which either will come from your optician or will will send you a PD rule with instructions.

I have a contact lens prescription, can I used this to order glasses?

No unfortunately you cannot use a contact lens prescription for glasses as it is often a different power.

Can I try the frame before ordering?

Yes just purchase the frame only. If you decide you like it, send it back and we will charge you the difference for the lenses. If you don’t like it send it back and we will give you a full refund.

Will the frame fit me?

If you already have a frame that’s comfortable the best thing to do is to order one that’s a similar size. The frame size will be in your current frame. Please see below.

The frame size above is a 54x18x145. The 54 is the lens diameter. The 18 is the nose bridge size and the 145 is the side length. All of the measurements are in millimetres.

Sizes on our site are given as:

Lens diameter x Lens Height x Nose bridge x Arm length, e.g. Frames given as 64mm x 60mm x 16mm x 110mm would have the following dimensions:


Do you do children's glasses?

The supply of children’s glasses should be done in the presence of a registered Optician. We don’t supply children’s glasses online but we do in the practice. We have a large collection of free children’s glasses(with an NHS Optical Voucher).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept payments by paypal. In addition you can also pay over the phone.

Do you accept NHS Vouchers?

We can not online sorry

Do your glasses come with a guarantee?

If you are not 100% satifisfied with your glasses or if you change your mind and no longer like the frame or colour then we are happy to refund the glasses or supply a new pair free of charge within 14 days. Please note that some lenses require special order and cannot be refunded. All of our frames come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times vary (please see our delivery schedule). Most orders take between 7-10 working days. If we have your item in stock we can usually get them dispatched the same day of within 2-3 working days. Please note that if an item is on our site, it doesn’t mean it is in stock, due to the extensive colours and sizes in some ranges. Please call to check if needed in a certain time frame.

What are your shipping cost?

Our delivery costs are as follows:

Rest of World£20.00

How do you ship your items?

For UK orders

Royal Mail.

For European and Worldwide orders

Most of our items are shipped via DHL Express.

Are you products genuine?

Yes all of our products come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than the high street?

We try to be competitive with our prices to match other online retailers. We set our prices at 30-35% less RRP. High street opticians usually include an after care service, which is reflected in their prices.

Are all of your products in stock?

Although we do have a large selection of our most popular models and brands in stock, we cannot stock every item, as this would involve additional storage costs and would mean having to increase our prices. We therefore only stock the most popular, which allows us to be more competitive with our prices.

Why won't my promotional code work?

If you have a promotional code that isn’t working please contact us and we will look into this for you.